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J2EE-Based Integration for Supply Chain Management

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This case study is about Shinetech's J2EE-based supply chain integration application for a large Asian fabric provider, whose relationships with vendors were becoming closer and more complex as the business grew bigger. The integration was an effort to advance the existing system which could transfer information, manage raw material movements and other aspects through various phases such as manufacturing and distribution. Shinetech faced challenges such as the need to work with an existing database structure, forthcoming database migration to Oracle, a variety of internal and external departments to incorporate and communicate with, a tight deadline and project specifications that were to be made definite during development. Therefore, Shinetech designed a J2EE based integration application to not only use an existing database, but also to send coordination instructions to every department involved, collect feedback and collate information on time. Shintech's application design aimed to dramatically increase efficiency whilst lowering cost, ensuring quality and fluency. It also integrated several separate systems and departments in order to offer real time data on raw materials and operations. The flexible and scalable application was delivered on time with a detailed specification document. Beyond the analysis, development and implementation phases, Shinetech made the hierarchy legible as well as easy to maintain and followed through with remote support.