John Wiley & Sons Extends Synon to the Web With LANSA

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Executive Summary

John Wiley & Sons is a global company dealing in print and electronic products. This paper maps its transition towards automation. The company faced the challenge of managing more than 11,000 active book titles, in addition to several hundreds of subscriptions. The case study also studies its customer management system. Before implementing IT systems, the company used to receive orders via phone, mail or fax. It was wasting a lot of time on processing orders before the implementation of LANSA based IT system. The company provided detailed training to its staff for fully utilizing the system. Wiley also used a staged implementation approach. Further, the paper states that the company came up with the novel idea of creating beta sites, where it tests new technology before rolling it out throughout the business. The company also encountered the other challenge of multilingual operations. The paper explains that the business undertook publishing and marketing of different language books, therefore integrating these ethnic markets with main was a difficult thing to do. According to the paper, the company solved its problem by implementing LANSA's multilingual facilities. It suggests that Wiley is now gradually moving towards online product delivery.

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