Kaspersky Anti-Virus Safeguards Dutch Automobile Sales

It was becoming difficult for Van Tilburg-Bastianen to find an antivirus solution that offered high detection rates, protection from spyware, as well as central administrative tools at no additional costs. Van Tilburg-Bastianen is a large automotive dealer of Volkswagens, Audis and DAF trucks based in Netherland. The problems of this automotive dealer were resolved with the installation of Kaspersky's Lab solution on a new server and the deployment of Kaspersky's Anti-Virus on all personal computers and laptops. Before Kaspersky, an antivirus was installed on most computers at the company's headquarters with no option for central administration and no facility to safeguard the integrity of the security policy. This meant loss of valuable system administration time when a single PC was infected. The company's computers ran various versions of Windows, including NT Server and 98 SE, and its network included workstations, servers and laptops. With complications such as custom applications used to aid business process automation and some branches not having central servers, the network was complicated and troubleshooting could be completed only on location. This case study discusses why Van Tilburg-Bastianen chose Kapersky and how a new server was installed to facilitate central management of the Lab solution, how quickly the installation was undertaken, and the beneficial features of the Kapersky Anti-Virus.

Provided by: Kaspersky Lab Topic: Security Date Added: Jan 2010 Format: HTML

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