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Khortytsa Ltd. Ensures Competitive Edge by Optimizing Quality and Manufacturing Efficiency

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Executive Summary

This case study focuses on the initiatives taken by Oracle to help Khorytsa Ltd. maintain a competitive edge over its competitors by optimization of its manufacturing and quality efficiency. Khorytsa is known to be the biggest and one of the new age distilleries in Ukraine. It produces liquor products including vodka and some low-alcohol content dinks. The company maintains very high standards of quality by having state of the art facilities and stringent quality assurance procedures. Further, it has a production capability of more than one million deciliters of drinks per month that are produced out of their six pouring lines. Their produces are meant both for international and Ukrainian markets. The paper goes on to detail various challenges faced by Khorytsa in its day-to-day operations and how Oracle has helped it significantly in overcoming these challenges. Some of the challenges mentioned in this paper are optimization of management processes in order to ensure better quality and efficiency. Another problem is elimination of any irregularities in the production cycle to maximize utilization of all facilities and maintenance of leadership in Ukrainian market and stable relationship with various vendors spread over seventy seven countries all over the world. The paper attempts to talk about the solutions available for these problems from Oracle.

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