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Kindergarten Achieves Greater Collaboration in the Classroom Within Limited IT Budget

Date Added: Jun 2009
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Situated approximately 100km west of the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Jenjarom was one of the many 'New Villages' set up in the 1950s. Villagers living in Jenjarom view education as the key to a brighter future and most families send their young children to Jenjarom's main pre-school center, the Aik Kuan Kindergarten. Aik Kuan wanted to introduce computer-based collaborative learning to its lessons, however setting up a classroom of computers would be expensive and beyond the kindergarten's budget. To facilitate active learning in the classroom, Aik Kuan became a pioneer by rolling out the Microsoft MultiPoint program in Malaysia. Using multiple computer mice that drive uniquely-designed on-screen cursors, MultiPoint allows up to fifty students to simultaneously use and learn from educational software on a single computer.