LANSA Helps WGH Deliver State-of-the-Art Software to Belgium Local Governments

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Executive Summary

This case study reflects on the utility and performance of the LANSA tool to bring out the efficiencies of this business solution. It discusses how WGH Informatique S.A, an IBM associate, worked jointly with the LANSA tool to maintain business performance and enhance productivity. WGH's software is an extremely popular tool amongst hundreds of towns and local city councils of Belgium in carrying out effective business administration at various welfare centers. The paper also focuses on the various challenges faced by WGH Informatique S.A in establishing a convenient and cost effective method of business performance. These include costs implied on customer support for solving their queries and complaints; adhering to the constantly changing laws and regulations of the local government; requirement for a more productive and business focused environment as compared to that of RPG; efficient time utilization methods; need for a tool adaptable to the existing RPG specifications and requirements; maintenance and enhancement of existing applications; introduction of an altogether new functionality into the management system; requirement for a tool that can easily work in collaboration with the RPG application; and establishment of a system that can work towards the improvement of the existing software. This paper discusses all the aspects that make LANSA an extremely useful tool in bringing out effective business management and in turn, attracting a large number of clients.

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