LANSA Puts Information at the Fingertips of CAST Emergency Workers

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This case study sets a perfect example of how LANSA can help in attaining and generating important information at a quick speed for the user. The Children's Aid Society of Toronto (CAST) constantly works towards the welfare of children in North America. It not only provides shelter to homeless children but also develops programs to prevent child abuse. The greatest challenge for CAST to overcome was to keep itself abreast with the latest updates by remaining available 24X7. In order to overcome this issue, CAST employed LANSA, which is a visual tool that can be used on Windows as well as the web for automating work flow and creating new or update existing Windows, web or Systemi applications for its Case Management System. Visual Basic (VB), the user interface program formerly used by CAST, proved to be less efficient as compared to Visual LANSA that took just three months to finish a redevelopment project instead of eight months offered by VB. As per Samuel Lee, Director of Information Services at CAST, LANSA services are not only quick but also easily deployable and time efficient. With the productive use of Visual LANSA tool, CAST accomplished the fastest implementation of the renewed government amongst 52 other societies. He also states that Visual LANSA enables the system applications to run faster and much more consistently in comparison to the VB applications being used earlier.