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LANSA Web Tool of Choice for Allianz Ireland

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Executive Summary

Allianz Ireland is a global name in the insurance sector with branches in over 70 countries and a turnover of 82.6 billion euros. According to their IT Manager Karen Forte, LANSA was their choice for web application because LANSA had proven themselves and also because it is getting better with more innovative technologies. Allianz is credited to be the first company in its field to provide private motor insurance over the internet. They served the whole Republic and Northern Ireland. Allianz began to use LANSA for their business to customer (B2C) projects and with its commercial success they began to use the same application for household insurance too. Allianz chose LANSA because of the reduced expenditure involved, the uniformity of infrastructure configuration, the usage of standard interfaces like XML and reduced technical risk. Even though they set up a WebSphere Infrastructure for all their business to business (B2B) needs, they realized that using it was much more than they can handle. The company soon realized that using LANSA for all their business needs is much feasible because it became the tactical solution. This case study tells the reader how they chose LANSA over WebSphere for B2C projects. What they needed was strategic solutions for web development and deployment. Realizing the investment returns for LANSA, Allianz finally chose it because it proved a much more cost effective solution when compared to WebSphere. Their business to business project was the one that was really raking the money in and choosing LANSA was the best for the company's future.

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