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Leading Australian HR Solution Now Three Ways Better

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Neller is Australia's leading AS/400 provider to the Human Resources and Payroll sector. Over half a million people get their salary paid using Neller's software. Neller's customers include Coles Myer and Woolworths, Pacific Dunlop, Wesfarmers and Van Leer. With the aim of improving customer service, maintaining market share and expanding into new market segments, Neller selected LANSA to enhance its HR (Human Resource) and Payroll flagship product Preceda People in three major ways. A self-service Web extension empowers employees of large decentralized companies, Visual LANSA is being used for high volume data entry at large centralized companies and Neller has recently launched a Web-based Application Service Provider (ASP) offering called EzPay for small companies that do not need their own hardware and software. Neller historically targeted companies with over 500 employees, but EzPay is attractive for both small and large companies. It offered customers a solution to empower their employees to access their own leave balances, pay slip, personal and contact details. LANSA for the Web was ideal for them because they needed to move forward from their RPG and ODBC client server solution and whatever they chose had to work on the AS/400 and be Web based. LANSA's single skill-set approach was much appreciated and the company now plans to gradually replace the entire code with LANSA.