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Leading Trailer Transportation Provider Uses StandGuard Anti-Virus to Eliminate Viruses at the Point of Entry and StandGuard Network Security to Enforce Policies

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Trailer Transit runs its operations on a System i model 810 servers that runs the company's primary applications and its e-mail server. Intel-based IBM blade servers run two Active Directory servers, a fax server, an image server, and a file server. Employees use Windows-based PCs. The Company used to have a problem. Its System i-based e-mail server was receiving viruses. They didn't cause any major problems for IBM i. The McAfee engine is supported by researchers at AVERT Labs, a global team that monitors and responds to malicious code activity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a result, StandGuard Anti-Virus detects more than 99% of viruses in the wild.