Leather Goods Manufacturer Improves Customer Service and Productivity With BlackBerry Solution and Newmann

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Executive Summary

Valigeria Roncato is a provider of leather suitcases in Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Holland. The company sees annual sales of more than ? 40 million and produces around 1,500 suitcases per day. Commercial managers of the company work in a field to communicate with local stores, manufacturing plants and headquarters on a regular basis. They have to regularly deal with customer orders to evaluate the stock available at the warehouse and the possibilities of meeting different shipping orders. Sales for the company are directly linked to availability of merchandise. Where the sales force earlier used laptops to check for availability by accessing a company portal via the internet, this could often cause problems such as lack of connectivity. This reduced productivity for the mobile workforce of the company who were forced to return to the office to input the orders onto the company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or to access necessary data. Staff of the company was already using BlackBerry for phone calls and receiving email. Valigeria Roncato decided to use these devices to provide mobile access to the data commercial managers needed to complete orders on time. With BlackBerry Alliance partner Newmann, the leather suitcases company realized the potential of the BlackBerry smartphone and implemented an application that could be accessed via the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Users were able to view sales data in time and process orders immediately.

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