Making The Leap After Making A Huge Acquisition To Expand Into Services, This Computer Company Needed To Completely Revise Its Playbook

Following the footsteps of its competitors, a leading hardware company decided to diversify by venturing into the field of technology service industry. Earlier, due to their complete focus on the hardware aspect of business they faced various challenges. This case history discusses how Deloitte helped this company in this diversification venture. Despite not being new to acquisition, this case history argues how this latest and biggest acquisition was different from the other acquisitions. It talks about the challenges faced by the company in terms of diversifying into a completely new area of business. It needed the joint effort of both its hardware and the service team to open new horizons for their business. How Deloitte helps in this integration keeping a check on the risk factors forms the basis of this study. Deloitte had earlier been a support service provider in similar integrations. This case history highlights on some of the features used by Deloitte to re-define the operating model of the company and determine the organization of the new one. The integration process implemented by Deloitte is discussed in details. It involved remapping of client accounts, revision of its sales playbook, change in management, integration of management and much more. This case history seeks to discuss how with support service from Deloitte, the company is moving on the right track after the acquisition to achieve and supersede its revenue goals and concludes with its future plans.

Provided by: Deloitte LLP Topic: Innovation Date Added: May 2010 Format: HTML

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