Making The Leap: After Making A Huge Acquisition To Expand Into Services, This Computer Company Needed To Completely Revise Its Playbook

Date Added: May 2010
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Facing a more challenging environment for its hardware-focused business, this computer company did what many of its competitors had already done: it acquired a technology services company to reposition itself for growth. The company wasn't new to acquisitions, having executed many of them on its way to becoming a global leader in the industry. But this one was different. It required the company to extend into a whole new business and as the company's largest acquisition ever; it required the combined organization to reassess how it went to market. Now, the company's hardware and services teams are working together to create new opportunities that were out of reach before. Any major technology company that's been around awhile probably knows a thing or two about acquisitions. But when an acquisition is your biggest ever, in an entirely new area of business, the old tried-and-true approaches to integration aren't enough. When managing an acquisition that fundamentally reshapes the acquiring company, there is no time for missteps. That's why it helps if you've been there before. Deloitte had provided services in support of similar integrations and was able to move quickly while helping the company keeps risk in check. For starters, within a week of being engaged Deloitte helped the company redefine its operating model. This important job of determining how the new business would be organized set the context for all the integration efforts that immediately followed.