Data Management

Master Data Inventory Solution for a European Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Date Added: Jul 2009
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A construction equipment manufacturer was facing problems of inconsistency with the master data quality that lay in their over 135 applications that existed across the organization. Because data quality has a direct impact on the quality of business reports generated, it was a matter of concern for the company, which dealt with over 200 dealers around the world and 10,000 service technicians to serve 150 countries. Mahindra Satyam was asked to conduct an assessment study so that they are able to figure out the manufacturer's master data inconsistencies and be able to fix them. The company was also asked to assess the inventory for 135 applications across four business processes. These included product portfolio development, sales-to-order, order-to-delivery, and delivery-to-repurchase. With this case study, Mahindra Satyam had to identify existing master data, undertake data profiling activities, and figure out the commonality and divergence from master data. They had to also undertake presentation of findings after the study of data quality. With the help of this case study, the construction equipment manufacturer was able to help clients address issues of multiple hierarchies in different applications for the same data category, multiple definitions of an entity's required attributes, problems of missing information, null values or incorrect coding, master data sharing across applications, inconsistent master data across different business processes. For the same, Mahindra Satyam used Pandora X88 as a data profiling tool to understand existing master data and provide for improvements in data quality.