Medi-Clinic Southern Africa: Healthcare Company Selects Riverbed to Improve Employee Productivity and Avoid Costly Bandwidth Upgrade

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Medi-Clinic is an established leader in the private hospital industry. Medi-Clinic had adopted a selective private cloud strategy as a result of increased business growth and the requirement to manage a growing number of applications. However, productivity began to suffer as employees struggled to access critical files and applications over the WAN due to slow application download speeds. By implementing a WAN optimization solution from Riverbed, Medi-Clinic Southern Africa has experienced a 3x increase in bandwidth utilization and an 80% reduction in file download speeds. Employees can now access data in a matter of seconds, thus improving employee productivity. Medi-Clinic Southern Africa has also avoided further bandwidth upgrades and the Riverbed WAN optimization solution has delivered a return on investment within four months.