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Metrics Base Lining and Balanced Scorecard Development for an Energy Integrator

Date Added: Nov 2009
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A California-based energy turned to Mahindra Satyam when they wanted to define and develop the CIO scorecard to establish a strategic direction and know how to steer accountability in that direction. They wanted to implement this program for a period of three years. The company also wanted to build a performance management system to ease continuous performance improvement. For the purpose of examining the company's existing process and process metrics, Mahindra created an 'As-Is' analysis. A measure to check to the success of the company was created by producing a scorecard hierarchy for the energy company. To drive IT performance of the company, the CIO scorecard was essential. It only helps the company achieve a maturity level, but helps sustain it effectively and successfully. Satyam built and redesigned an automated solution in accordance with the scorecard design. The case study tells one how this company, with the help of Mahindra Satyam, had a CIO scorecard that dished out real time monitoring and imparted operational excellence. The CIO scorecard has all the essential business managers and other chiefs who are quite adept at the business unit they head. With this scorecard it is possible to open up effective communication dialogue between them and it aims to improve business and decisions based on it. The structure of the scorecard is also important as that is what steers performance of a company.