Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Darlington College CRM Case Study

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Darlington College, which was effectively engaged with the local business community, had been using an old database across the organization for a long time. In order to streamline their internal processes and to increase competitiveness among training providers, the college decided to invest in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The earlier use of an aging, in-house database only led to silos of information, disparate data and slowing down of processes. The college wanted to pick up a comprehensive CRM solution that would allow them to engage and communicate with the local business community in an enhanced manner. The CRM was also expected to increase competitiveness among their training providers, also leading to high employer satisfaction. The solution would also help them to make optimum use the any external funding that is made available. Darlington College chose the Concentrix CRM solution because of which it was able to engage in a more productive manner with local employers and increase healthy competition with other training providers. The solution allowed Darlington College to reduce silos of information through a central database, while also helping them to improve marketing and campaign management. The solution also enabled tracking, management, reporting and improvement of performance. They were able to streamline processes in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness. The college found a solid platform to be able to extend CRM across the organization.