Microsoft Dynamics CRM for INFOR PL Publishing House

Date Added: May 2010
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Discussed in this case study is INFOR PL Capital Group that carried out Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool, which can be used by the company for its ongoing activities. This company deals in a range of Internet projects, publishes magazines, and deals in specialized training develops. This paper talks about the organization's implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that provides functionality and flexibility, and helps in future development of the company. The company also implemented a new directory services that were based on Microsoft Active Directory, e-mail, and shared calendars that were based on the Microsoft Exchange Server. This solution was executed while focusing on the management of multi-channel marketing camping. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides various benefits and features to the organization including preparing the papers with current monitoring methods and sales papering. It helps the company in gathering all data in one place and single logical structure. The application mentioned in this paper allows the recording and tracking of all sales processes of the organization. Dynamics CRM helps in the marketing actions carried out inside the company and also allows the verification of their effectiveness and success. This paper also states that the system is secure and protects all customer data collection and information about the marketing effects of a company. It has also shortened the time needed for targeting customer groups and providing accurate analysis.