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Microsoft Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides "Make Me a Better Consultant"

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AKOS Technology Services is a reputed team of technology consultants providing large enterprises and mid-market businesses with a range of IT solutions including management and monitoring, virtualization, data center services, and core infrastructure. The best way to maximize the value of the technology is by continually referencing supplemental deployment and planning information from Microsoft. The challenge was how to capture the best guidance to enable his consulting clients to gain the greatest value from their use of System Center and related technologies. AKOS Technology Services has found that even when someone is a recognized expert in an area of technology, Microsoft Infrastructure Planning and Design guides provide continuing value as tools to help deliver efficient IT solutions to customers. The use of Microsoft Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) guides can make better consultants. The IPD series, available online at no cost, provide guidance for implementing Microsoft infrastructure products. The series is a collection of documents that leads the reader through a sequence of core decision points to design an infrastructure for Microsoft products. IPD guides help AKOS provide customers with greater value through more efficient use of existing resources and through reducing the need for new resources. The Windows Server 2008 and Active Directory IPDs provide a guide to using granular password policies and other features to reduce domain complexity.