Project Management

Montana Banana Case Study: UW Palm Pilot

Date Added: Jan 2010
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This case study describes the utilities of UW Palm Pilot. With this device a remote user can easily feed all the information and important data into his palm top to be referred back to whenever needed. This handheld device helps the user to easily analyze a client's requirements and specifications and then compiles and documents all the relevant information needed to finish the project successfully. This paper also discusses how a UW Palm Pilot uses different languages to create a logic chart within the device. It also provides the user with the facility of creating applications in Visual Basic format in order to make the information or data easily accessible. Not only that, the study suggests ways in which it helps to transfer information in a convenient and user-friendly manner, while maintaining its security. The data can easily travel from one server to the other remotely situated database through a secure path. This paper also shows that due to this new tool the University of Washington, now feels more confident of implementing its scientific study than ever before. It also discusses how this Palm device has made the task of collecting and sending data to a specified remote server easy, especially within a restricted area for analyses. When doing a field research, the device provides instant access to information.