Morton Salt Keeps on Pouring With LANSA

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Morton Salt is North America's leading producer and marketer of salt. In 1995, it successfully down-sized from an IBM 3090 mainframe to an AS/400 with LANSA. LANSA was selected because it offered a complete functionality and seemed easy to learn. They were especially attracted to LANSA's repository-based architecture. LANSA is not just a code generator, its repository offers much more. LANSA saved them at least 50% in development and maintenance. Their 45 man year conversion took only half the time with LANSA mainly due to the LANSA templates. Several applications written with LANSA, including order entry, maintenance management, production scheduling, inventory management and truck loading worked brilliantly. Applications needed to be run in English and French and LANSA's multilingual facilities handled this superbly. The inventory system is real time. In the old mainframe days the inventory system was based on batch processing. The new inventory system processes transactions from the remote sites directly online. This process involves data queuing of transactions and transferring them back to the remote site. Morton Salt's 33 sites run on a mixture of RPG, COBOL and LANSA applications but they may re-develop their existing COBOL and RPG applications with LANSA. Without any additional effort requirement the calculated fields, business rules and English and French descriptions can be re-used and the investment strategy are being leveraged.