National Assembly for Wales Breaks Ground With LANSA

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The National Assembly for Wales is associated with development and implementation of policies depending on the needs of the people of Wales. The Assembly faces some IT challenges as the major keeper of public money. The annual budget of Wales is about 10 billion pounds. The LANSA software was impressive because using a single set of source code one could continue to deliver 5250 applications and Windows applications. LANSA gave the Assembly independence of platform after which they started to use LANSA for all new development. The company now provides web and Windows solutions with LANSA and supports 5250 solutions. The Assembly has an annual legal process. Herein, a budget is proposed that goes through cycles of voting and amendments that is finally voted approved. To meet these requirements, there are about 3,000 PCs within the intranet of the Assembly. Most of the systems have access to at least one application. The intranet infrastructure was developed to use Web technology as a means of disseminating information. A number of divisions of the Assembly publish using static MS Word or Front Page type of information on the intranet. With the use of LANSA, the Assembly was able to integrate web solutions using the iSeries. This way they were able to provide graphical and user-friendly applications on PCs. They did not have to purchase, install or maintain different software for individual desktops.