National Envelope Provides a Unified View of Multiple ERP Systems

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National Envelope Corporation, founded in 1952 by William Ungar, has grown to become the largest envelope manufacturer in the world. Based in Uniondale, New York, the company operates facilities across the US and produces more than 180 million envelopes per day. Integrating data from diverse systems was one of the challenges faced by the technology group. Users wanted a unified view of data from across the enterprise. National Envelope used Visual LANSA and Integrator to develop a sophisticated, browser-based application that provides a unified view of enterprise data. The system improved customer service, reduced license fees and simplified training. Using the same tools from LANSA, they could also publish and consume web services, exchange XML documents, and perform many other tasks without intensive coding. They used a system Unity, which culled data from four ERP applications and three databases. It also gave users access to millions of PDF documents such as invoices, statements and work orders. In addition to placing orders directly, customers use the site to view orders, shipments, inventory, product attributes, invoices, statements and other critical information. Thanks to LANSA Integrator's Excel services, columns containing true dates, numbers etc are professionally formatted with multiple fonts and colors. LANSA Commerce Edition opted for by National Envelope seven or eight years prior is still running strong and meeting their needs.