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NearStar was facing a number of challenges in its large print jobs before they started using SwiftView. NearStar specializes in proving consultancy and printing solutions to large or medium companies that deal with large volumes of printing data. It also specializes in providing advanced software solutions and products for easy facilitation and streamlining of print tasks, thereby helping clients to maximize their investment in printing systems. SwiftView came as an easy solution to the printing needs of NearStar. The data server of NearStar is their principal product that provides advanced printer and job management solutions. This case study focuses on one of the main problems faced by NearStar, which was the inability to provide customers the facility to swiftly reprint specific pages from huge print files, without having to reprint the whole document. In the words of Jason Waggoner, the President of NearStar, their customers didn't want to reprint thousands of pages, just to be able to reprint the range of pages that were damaged. The study goes on to describe the way in which this solution came to NearStar's rescue. NearStar successfully bundled the SwiftView technology with its primary product DataServer output management system, and was thus able to provide easy PCL viewing, page extraction, text search tools and fast requeuing; along with splitting of huge print jobs.

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