NEO Laptops in Texas School District Motivate Students and Save Class Time

Date Added: Mar 2010
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A number of educational institutions are making use of the NEO laptops today. These are user-friendly and time-effective devices that hold a lot of relevance for students. These days, looking at the rising interest of kids in computers and technology, school authorities are making constant changes in their infrastructure and education policies to accommodate convenient learning systems for students by providing them with laptops with the view of saving time as well as increasing productivity. To solve this purpose, Renaissance Learning came out with its NEO laptops which were highly efficient and easy to use, specially meant for students of all levels. Some of the best features that make them most suitable for students are cost effectiveness, user friendliness, brilliant speed, spacious keyboard and a long battery life. It has been constantly noticed that students feel extremely motivated and excited to learn and use various applications through laptops. According to this case study, after comparing the NEO keyboards and their utilities for the user, institutes in the North East availed the services from Renaissance Learning whose NEO laptops came with a specially crafted pre-installed keyboarding program called Keywords to help the students of first to fifth grade learn how to use the software and its applications. This study focuses on many useful tools and applications offered by NEO laptops that make learning an interesting and convenient activity for students as well as teachers.