Nortel on Nortel: A WLAN Success Story: Wireless Office

Date Added: Jan 2010
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When the Nortel sales and engineering office in Albany wanted to deploy a voice and data network solution, they were looking at providing employee mobility and office flexibility. But they wanted to keep the costs under control. The Nortel WLAN 2300 products offer secure voice and data service. They work with the WLAN Handsets 6100 that use the WLAN IP Telephony Manager. This way they are able to maintain voice quality even if the network has heavy data traffic. Costs for the company turned out to be 21% lower than those of a traditional wired office solution. Simultaneously, this network solution allowed employees to become more mobile and accessible. Therefore, the new Nortel deployment was more reliable system and had no complaints of outages. The solution offers frequent and open communication between IT and users. It is crucial before, during and after implementation. The use of mobile WLAN voice service requires more user adjustment than WLAN data service. The company deployed wireless LAN (WLAN) for data service for greater flexibility at lower cost, rather than pulling two Ethernet cables to every desk. The company eliminated all Ethernet cabling in the desk areas at Albany. These were replaced with Nortel WLAN products that offer voice and data communications to employees throughout the building.