North Shore Credit Union - An Opportunity for Growth Through Technology Change

This paper aims to discuss how the North Shore credit union got an opportunity for growth through the changes in technology with the help of INETCO. The North Shore Credit Union has been able to transform itself from a regular traditional bank to offering a banking experience which is almost like visiting a financial spa. This happened with the help of INETCO. INETCO's insights are always aimed at helping their clients who are financial institutions to organise services that are up to date and helpful to both; the customer and the client company. They helped the North Shore Credit Union with setting up alerts in the realm of real time that helped to alert the customer and the financial institution to capture the anomalies of the transactions right away. This helped to detect frauds easily then before. They also helped set up a log of every transaction and related transaction that takes places on a daily basis for each customer. By providing high end technology solutions, the bank could then monitor the overall performances, and the complete end to end payment transaction threads. North Shore Credit Union was then able to break down and segregate the problem areas in each transaction and sort it out accordingly. This made processing much easier and also the customer services improved.

Provided by: INETCO Systems Topic: Tech Industry Date Added: Mar 2010 Format: PDF

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