Norwegian School Improves Instruction and Student Interest With Interactive Tool

Nordal School is a primary school in Norway and is one of the early users of Microsoft Mouse Mischief. The software makes teaching an amicable experience and enables students interact and enjoy with the teaching process. Being an addition to Microsoft Power Point 2010 and Microsoft Power Point 2007, Microsoft Mouse Mischief also made presentations more attractive. Students began to learn more effectively and quickly when they were introduced to hands on experience and first hand participation with the teachers involving them in different training programs. With the help of this interactive tool, teachers were able to gauge their wards more effectively and give them more attention. The school didn't have many students but the busy teachers still had problems and were constantly wondering if they were teaching the students at an appropriate level. They had computers but they did not have any resources to teach them computer related materials. They had Power Point Presentations but students quickly got bored with the monotony and their attention began to wander off. The school's infrequent use of computers did not sit well with the students and they began to see it as an accessory for entertainment other than for learning purposes. The Nordal School learned about Microsoft Mischief with their interesting personalized lesson plans, interactive tools and interesting learning techniques that quickly won the children's hearts. This case study reveals how the students found the whole teaching process a game and how they all strove to work harder.

Provided by: Microsoft Topic: Hardware Date Added: May 2010 Format: WORD

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