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On-Demand Model Broadens Reach of Supercomputing With Familiar Environment

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Executive Summary

The Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Centers (RMSC) is on a mission to bring supercomputing to "Main Street" America. The Montana facility offers on-demand, Internet-based supercomputing services to small businesses, government agencies, Native American tribes, and schools. To encourage more people to try supercomputing, RMSC features the Windows HPC Server 2008 operating system, which lets organizations run applications in a high-performance computing environment. RMSC customers can take advantage of enormous computing power in a familiar Windows desktop environment to make smarter business decisions, gain new insights from their data, and move forward with confidence on projects previously stalled from lack of data or computing capacity. RMSC enjoys simplified management, where setting up application environments on Windows HPC Server 2008 takes half the time of Linux-based applications.

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