P.L. Porter Gives Customers Online Access to BPCS With LANSA Commerce Edition - For BPCS

Date Added: Jan 2010
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Based in US, P.L. Porter Controls Inc (Porter) caters to the position control system needs of aircraft seating, healthcare, transportation seating and other industries. The wide client base regularly sent queries and orders through phone, fax or e-mail. Various queries came in about pricing, availability, order status or technical information, which required immediate attention. Although the staff tried to contact the customer the same day but many a times it was not successful due to time constraints. To tackle this problem, the company needed a way to make their BPCS sales orders and accounting data available to the customers in a secure way over the Internet. This could be done through a fully integrated iSeries Web solution. This solution was delivered by LANSA. The company was assisted in web designing by LANSA business partner Network Services Group while the actual building and integration work was undertaken by LANSA staff themselves. To make their staff understand the working of this new system, Porter Controls also sent some of their own staff to LANSA training. This allowed them to make additions and customized it as per the need in future. LANSA created a user-friendly website that provided customers with product catalog with price and availability information, order entry and inquiry, shipping information with links to carrier details, account information, engineer's drawings and component maintenance manuals.