Panda Security Case Study: Escuelas Pias Provincia Emaus

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Executive Summary

Escuelas Pias Provincia Emaus is a non-profit making organization whose objective is the evangelization and education of preferentially disadvantaged children and teenagers. One of the main problems the organization had to face was ensuring laptop security. Laptops were provided to employees with a preinstalled, up-to-date standalone security software. However, if users did not keep the antivirus updated by them, computers were not fully protected. This frequently led to security problems in the entire organization. Panda Managed Office Protection, Panda Security's Security-as-a-Service solution, was able to resolve all problems Escuelas Pias Provincia Emaus had: limited IT security budget, security risks, and the need to centrally manage the security of all the organization's centers and computers from a single point with a reliable security solution.

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