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Partner Opens New Market Segments With Cloud-Based Business Process Solution

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Executive Summary

Metastorm is a well known firm with business analysts as the firm has been offering integrated software solutions to help organizations define and communicate enterprise strategy, plan for change, and automate and improve business processes to optimize the use of people, systems, and information. Some of the popular software solutions that are being used at large are Enterprise and Business Architecture (EA), Business Process Analysis (BPA), and Business Process Management (BPM). These solutions are generally used by experienced business analysts and are deployed on-premise. It was only later when Metastorm decided to come up with a new product named Metastorm M3 which could be user-friendly, provide accurate business and improvements and enhance productivity and collaboration. This case study discusses how Microsoft's Windows Azure provided Metastorm M3 a platform to build and deliver this business solution. Metastorm's M3 software application running on Windows Azure is beneficial for both Metastorm customers and the company. In addition to providing customers with an easy to use solution that could be used by broader number of employees, with Microsoft's Windows Azure, Metastorm was able to expand the opportunity to large number of segments in the market, was able to save 6 months of development time by leveraging their existing code base and offer complete customer deployment flexibility via the Cloud, on-premise, or on-premise as a SaaS offering.

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