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Pely Auto Improves Service and Efficiency With eC-LINK and Visual LANSA

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Pely Auto Aircon Parts Private Ltd, headquartered in Singapore, is one of the largest automotive air conditioning parts distributors in the region. It has improved customer service and internal efficiency with eC-LINK Enterprise Software-VL, a Visual LANSA-based multi-lingual Enterprise Resource Planning system from LANSA business partner Private Ltd. Before Pely implemented eC-LINK's solution, it relied on paper intensive manual procedures and a PC-based application that did not allow for integration of inventory, finance and customer service departments. Pely's business was, and still is, growing rapidly and the company was looking for a scalable solution that would integrate both operations and financials for customer service, inventory management, their showroom retail business and shipments to overseas customers and OEMs. eC-LINK Enterprise Software-VL, is a Visual LANSA-based ERP solution, by LANSA business partner Private Ltd in Singapore. The system's multi-currency function allows for easy conversion of sales and purchase prices to and from any currency. This happens in real-time, so customer service staff can quote in any currency while the customer is on the phone or in the workshop. Tight integration between the modules and its easy integration with Windows has streamlined internal procedures. eC-LINK has given the company the edge over its competitors. In the industry, service is the "BIG and BOLD" word and the Visual LANSA technology enables them to serve customers better.