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PGI Nonwovens Increases Throughput With Visual LANSA Automation

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This case study discusses a case study that shows how Visual LANSA automation helped PGI Nonwovens increase its throughput. The paper describes problems faced by the company and how Visual LANSA offered many features to take care of different problems and in the process helped enhance productivity. Based in Netherlands, PGI Nonwovens B.V. is a part of Polymer Group, which is one of the leading suppliers of engineered materials as well as producers of nonwoven materials for medical, hygiene, wiping, industrial and specialty uses. In the mid-nineties, the company felt the need to their give sales representatives in other countries access to customer and sales history from their laptop. The company also wanted to use devices such as with barcode scanners, label printers and WiFi to automate production lines and forklifts. To fulfill these needs, the company needed a tool that could help them deliver PC-solutions and could also tightly integrate with the ERP implementation on the System i. PGI decided to use Visual LANSA with the aim of automating over 30 production lines in its converting and manufacturing plants in Cuijk in the Netherlands. This application easily integrated in real time with PGI's PRMS ERP system. Not only that, it could also drive barcode scanners, label printers and robotic devices that were used for counting and packing products and applying labels.