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Popular Consumer Brands Need Leading-Edge Supply Chains

Date Added: Jan 2010
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A large multinational consumer and foodservice manufacturer wanted to save on excess inventory on a global basis. Towards this end, they wanted to simplify the complex supply chain by implementing enterprise-wide software. While this was a huge task, the potential savings could result in great benefits. Because the success of a technological implementation depends on the partner's ability to understand the issues and business processes of the industry, the company turned to Deloitte. This company was a manufacturer of many products and was therefore met with different customer demands and multiple SKUs. The company was facing pressure from stakeholders to improve both its working capital and cash flow positions. These problems were being answered by the demand planning and supply planning capabilities offered by Manugistics business software. But the manufacturer had to ensure that the solution would also answer three key issues?challenging inventory management requests; an elevated number of SKUs; the desire to improve productivity and profitability by cutting costs. The consumer and foodservice manufacturer engaged Deloitte's to come up with a solid, business-based approach to supply chain improvements. This would also enhance production and distribution systems. Now only was Deloitte able to implement the specific supply chain planning software tools, it was able to provide a holistic solution, while ensuring that the implementation was grounded in business results. The team was able to identify the importance of change management and the team was able to pay attention to knowledge transfer.