Portal for Health & Safety Management

Date Added: Jan 2010
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This case study aims at solving the problem of a leading international plastic and fiber supplier. The company gave utmost importance to health and safety (hereafter H&S) of its employees. The safety of the employees was given high priority at all the sites of this company throughout the world. According to this paper, the company used Excel templates to collect and record H&S information. Consolidating this data for board reports was very tough and time consuming. The multi-lingual nature of these templates aggravated the problem. ITC InfoTech was consulted for a solution to the above mentioned problems. The paper studies the impact of internet portal which would function in the costumer's secured VPN network. Employees could view and fill the portal in their own languages. The paper also consolidated data and generated reports for the board. ITC InfoTech's solutions provided immense business benefits to the company. Apart from the consolidation of data, user profiles were defined. Access rights were also configured. The portal interfaced via standardized screens and routines but in 12 different languages. Moreover, the system eased navigation, accessibility and supported several currencies. The research project concludes that the company was able to improve its employees' H&S data processing significantly.