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PRX-5G Traffic Manager Convinces With Effective and Flexible Bandwidth Management

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Executive Summary

The Technische Universit?t Braunschweig (University of Braunschweig- Institute of Technology) in Germany has over 2,900 University employees and 12,500 students. To keep maintenance and handling of the different devices as simple as possible, network operators at the university try to combine as many services as possible in one solution. The issue of bandwidth management arose as peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic in the university's network increased exponentially. Although users are required to sign an agreement that prohibits illegal file sharing and copyright violations upon receipt of network access, users acted otherwise violating these rules. Although it is theoretically possible to block protocols for P2P file sharing with firewall systems, in practice, this becomes too complex and difficult. It was obvious that the firewall couldn't provide the services they needed. ipoque's PRX Traffic Manager was the optimal device to meet requirements of the university. PRX Traffic Manager detects all major protocols including encrypted and unencrypted P2P file sharing, instant messaging, media streaming and internet telephony. The integrated QoS management allows prioritization and bandwidth management of classified traffic. Extensive accounting features provide in-depth application and network visibility.P2P traffic is throttled to a small amount. PRX Traffic Manager saves not only time in the daily work but also restores the QoS in the network. Another advantage is the flexibility of the traffic management solution.

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