R.C. Bigelow Blends BPCS Product Data With LANSA

R.C. Bigelow, based in Fairfield, Connecticut is one of America's leading specialty tea makers. The company uses LANSA Data Sync Direct to synchronize BPCS Item Master information to Wal-Mart and other retailers. This solution is able to provide brokers, distributors and regional sales managers online access to orders using the LANSA Commerce Edition. Teas from across the globe are processed and blended at the Fairfield facility. The entire process since the arrival of tea leaves at the Fairfield facility is managed in BPCS. The company undertook an executive level training session by Association of Global Standards Administrations (AGSA). The teams learnt the process flow from generating an idea to implementing this in BPCS. This was sent to retailers and brokers using UCCnet. For the same, LANSA implemented the software and provided training and support to map BPCS data onto the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) information. It was easy to map attributes between LANSA's Data Sync Direct and BPCS because the LANSA user interface was user friendly and self explanatory. With the LANSA Data Sync Direct users didn't have to describe aspects such as the height, weight, and depth of finished products centrally in BPCS. The information was available on individual PC documents. With LANSA, the data is kept centrally. Since the current model uses an integration of BPCS and LANSA, double filing is not required. The company is able to access a cleaner and more complete set of data.

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