R&R Marketing Connects With Customers and Staff

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This case study talks about how R&R Marketing, that is known to be one of the largest distributors of spirits and wines in New Jersey, is able to connect with its staff and customers with the assistance of a LANSA-based web solution. Their website has been developed in collaboration with LANSA business partner strategic business systems. It is equipped with sophisticated solutions for better management of retail incentives, ordering, invoice images, access to accounts receivable, customization of ShelfTalkers and product content. The paper quotes Rafael Ramos of R&R Marketing who feels that it is just not enough to price your products aggressively in present day spirits and wine market. It is equally important to excel in service too. The paper goes on to detail some of the challenges that LANSA helped R&R Marketing in overcoming. One of the challenges discussed in this paper is a better way of communicating effectively with sales people and customers. The sales force at R&R Marketing comprised one hundred and twenty skilled individuals, with each one taking care of around sixty to hundred accounts. Thus it used to get quite difficult for sales personnel to keep in regular touch with clients. The paper goes on to explain how LANSA's repository based 4GL development environment made things easy for R&R Marketing.