Redrawing The Map: How A Fortune 100 Technology Company Simplified Its Channel Strategy To Improve Profitability, Speed And Service

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A major high technology company relied on a dizzying variety of routes to move its products to market. While company executives suspected that their approach was inefficient, they had no way of knowing. Deloitte helped the company analyze its models for moving products to market globally. The company expects that the resulting changes will significantly improve its profitability, efficiency, competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Imagine that in addition to selling hundreds of products online, you rely on a huge network of distributors, wholesalers, retailers and other business partners to sell the same products around the world. For over a decade, you have expanded these "Routes to market" to respond to competitors, serve a specific customer segment or sell in a small geography. And for years you have supported this massive selling network with significant resources, including discretionary discounts and corresponding administrative resources that have a direct impact on your bottom line. That's the challenge this company faced - and it put discretionary discounts in the crosshairs for improvement. In the hunt for new ways to look at your existing business, it helps to have someone who's been there before. Deloitte has helped some of the most successful companies in the world in their efforts to analyze and restructure their market strategies, and was able to help this company get up and running quickly.