Reseller Increases Business Opportunity With Windows-Based HPC Solution

Download Now Date Added: May 2010
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EDR supplies Scandinavian engineering companies with software that helps them with three-dimensional design, strength calculation, flow analysis, and other computer simulations needed for engineering work. The company resells such software as ANSYS, Tekla Structures, and others, and it offers local support and value-added services related to that software. As the world of technical computing continued to evolve, EDR sought to ease the transition path for customers as they moved from serial processing to parallel processing. EDR decided to work in partnership with a Nordic hardware provider to offer a packaged HPC solution that includes preconfigured hardware with Windows HPC Server 2008 and ANSYS software. In promoting ANSYS for Windows HPC Server 2008, EDR is providing customers with an easier way to take advantage of computing power for faster, better simulations. ANSYS for Windows HPC Server 2008 minimizes the uncertainty that potential customers harbor about HPC and parallelism. EDR and its customers benefit from familiarity with the Windows platform when it comes to cluster management and support. ANSYS customers that run the software on Windows HPC Server 2008 can make greater strides in their engineering projects than those who do not use HPC. Further to this it has expanded the market opportunities. The company plans to establish a cluster in production for the outsourced simulation work that it performs for customers.