RFID Solution From Motorola and Epsilia Delivers Precise Traceability and Increased Revenue for Agribusiness Leader Levinoff-Colbex S.E.C

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Levinoff-Colbex S.E.C is the largest beef meat processing facility in eastern Canada. Levinoff-Colbex S.E.C wanted a reliable system that would enable the company to quickly identify all affected products no matter where they were - whether still in the processing plant, in transit, or at a customer distribution center or food store. Some international markets require certifications that Levinoff-Colbex could not meet without updating its tracking system. Epsilia designed a real-time tracking system for Levinoff-Colbex S.E.C that provides end-to-end visibility across the logistics chain, and RFID was quickly identified as the ideal enabling technology. When it came to choosing the RFID solution, Motorola was the obvious choice.