Riverbed Steelhead Enables Private Cloud Services for Global Natural Resources Firm

Date Added: Nov 2009
Format: PDF

Rayonier is a leading international forest products company. Rayonier wanted to develop a private cloud computing model in order to cost-effectively manage its global IT infrastructure needs. With its 2,000 employees spread across five continents, balancing the tradeoff between complexity and performance was no easy task. After looking to their networking provider, Cisco, for a solution, Rayonier elected instead to go with Riverbed for a global WAN optimization solution in order to make its private cloud a reality. With Riverbed, Rayonier was able to consolidate and virtualize eight data centers down to two, without diminishing end user performance. In addition, Rayonier did not require additional bandwidth. The success of this project enabled Rayonier to payback its Riverbed investment in less than one year.