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Royal Wagenborg Manages Ship and Shore With LANSA

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Executive Summary

This case study studies the impact of LANSA on The Royal Wagenborg Group. The Royal Wagenborg group is based out of the Netherlands and deals in offshore supply, warehousing and shipping, among other things. The paper explains the methodology adopted by The Royal Wagenborg Group to integrate its IT systems, as its older system was not capable of meeting the growing businesses' demands. The company started off with its shipping division, Wagenborg Shipping for the implementation of LANSA. The paper also looks into the various LANSA technologies adopted by the company to better manage it ship management. The crew planning module helped the company in maintaining crew details, and thus it replaced the older system which did not have any such capabilities. The paper also studies the company's fleet management system. The new LANSA system has separate modules for onshore offices and for crew. The system will help increasing the efficiency of the operation as it vastly aids the process of order processing. The paper delves in to the details about the company's inventory management program. The company's new website is based on LANSA and it publishes ferry schedules. It also smoothens the operations by offering online reservations.

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