Sage CRM and ISS Damage Control CRM Case Study

Date Added: Jan 2010
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The business of ISS Damage Control is to provide fast response in case of disasters such as fire and flood. This response should be from someone with the right experience, expertise and resources. They provide damage limitation, restoration and renovation services to victims, insurers and those who face losses during calamities. Therefore, the key strength for this company is its people. The company wanted to engage a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that would help them in supporting core values, while helping them to improve along the way. With the implementation of a CRM, ISS Damage Control expected to improve communication and accessibility of information. This would allow the company to have an open book policy. The CRM would be able to provide better flow of information and provide them with easier access to relevant data. The new CRM system was expected to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the company. It would reduce the claim lifecycle therefore cut costs for clients and insurance companies. The open book policy thus implemented would also produce transparent audit trails with the CRM system. The Concentrix CRM would also supply regular, comprehensive and accurate management information that would also be available to the staff remotely. Along with Concentrix, ISS Damage Control developed a comprehensive CRM strategy that would be able to improve their existing business processes. This included opening up and integrating communication and business channels.