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SamsungSDS Automates Data Center Operations

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With the objective of achieving high-quality, yet low-cost operations, SamsungSDS began the automation of processes in their data center operations. Their major goals included eliminating operational inefficiencies, enhancing operational productivity and minimizing human errors to achieve a fault tolerant service. The deployment of HP Server automation software helped them realize their system management and operation automation goals. By automating its data centers, SamsungSDS improved the operations standard of their IT services, increased operation productivity while reducing operation costs. Within two years, the automation of its data centers was expanded to include data centers in Gwachon and Gumi in Korea, England, New Jersey, USA, Beijing, China and Singapore. The implementation of HP's automation solution included several large-size data centers in Korea and worldwide, with a firm focus on SamsungSDS's idea of the 'Global One Center'. This involves integrating, standardizing and efficiently integrating worldwide data center operations as a logical singular system to enable SamsungSDS to control in real-time the operation and resources from a central, remote location. With HP's solution, SamsungSDS can now perform integrated management of worldwide IT resources from a master center. SamsungSDS has achieved automation of operations in its data centers from operations to management and it plans to extend their automation capabilities in the future to include higher level service automation and implementation of cloud computing applications.