Saving The Pennies That Save Lives: Helping A Non-Profit Organization And Its Chapters Embrace Efficiency To Do More Good

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Executive Summary

A large non-profit relief organization with hundreds of local chapters throughout the United States wanted to reduce costs and improve standardization and control across the enterprise. Deloitte helped them in their efforts to design and implement major improvements in a variety of areas, including employee benefits, sourcing and shared services. The result? Tens of millions in annual cost savings - money that could be redirected from administrative needs to helping more people and better serving the community. Non-profit organizations share a quality that makes them effective in their work, but less efficient in their operations: They are not built like other businesses. While many of their people combine a fierce sense of purpose with solid managerial skill, their structures make it difficult to implement technology or efficiencies that would be paramount concerns in for-profit companies. Deloitte found dedicated, capable people throughout this organization - but they were working in a compartmentalized environment that didn't make the most of their contributions. Deloitte helped the organization in their efforts to reduce costs and improve effectiveness through a series of improvement initiatives. A big key to success was getting people throughout the organization to understand and embrace the changes. This required strong and visible leadership from the national office, as well as broad involvement from local chapters. The Deloitte team spent more than a year in close, daily contact with the organization, Began with a targeted team of infrastructure operations and human resources service delivery practitioners, who helped the organization, perform a feasibility assessment.

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