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SQL Backup: Smooth Sailing With SQL Backup

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IT at Carnival UK, part of Carnival Corporation & PLC, is the largest cruise line operator in the world with an 81-strong fleet including P&O Cruises, The Yachts of Seabourn and the Cunard Line. With around 75,000 employees, revenue coming to around $11.8 billion in 2006 and more than 144,000 berths across its ships, there are several terabytes of valuable SQL databases for the operational work both offshore and ashore. They have recently rolled out SQL Backup to a new ship, Ocean Village 2, launched in April 2007. Without the help of SQL Backup, the process to back up data onboard ship was complicated and time-consuming. Typically, what would happen for onboard backups would be for each database to be backed up to a disk on the server. That backup file would then be backed up to tape. The tape would have to be moved to another location on the ship, a different fire zone where the tape could be protected in case of emergency. There were two major problems associated with these strategy Standard backups by native SQL Server-it did not compress the backup file, resulting in a frequent need for tape changeover and mounting storage costs. This system relied on tapes (an effort to maintain). The solution was found in SQL Backup. With a ship being divided into different fire zones from fore to aft for safety reasons it is now smooth sailing.