Stone Wheel's e-Marketplace Never Tires

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LANSA realized the full potential of e-marketing because of the claims of many satisfied clients who have been able to achieve the ever-coveted Return on Investment (ROI). Lansa has developed several e-business applications that are used by these clients who basked in the glory of success, thanks for these applications. Stone Wheel is a car parts distributor and they have 15 warehouses. The company uses the LANSA Web application hosted by LANSA business partner and Sparkhorse, an Application Service Provider. These warehouses serve their customers by opening up 25,000 different repair shops in the mid-west America. One third of the customers that they have gained are through the online marketplace. This has been possible because customers can watch almost all the catalogs from the comfort of their homes and make their choice. This paper deals with the case study of the company Stone Wheel. It discusses how they have overcome challenges, integrated solutions into it, and delves on the benefits a customer can enjoy from using the web-to-order system from Stone Wheels. The warehouse has realized that to save money and regains new customers they have to make use of the web. It not only helps in solving all client-related issues, but assists them in generating the kind of revenue that was unimaginable in the past. The success of Stone Wheel lies in fulfilling customer requests within the shortest time possible, all through the medium of web.