Sundata Accelerates School Administration With LANSA

Download Now Date Added: Jan 2010
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A number of Australian schools and colleges recently implemented Quad. Sundata is a LANSA business partner that offers Quad as an integrated schools administration solution. Quad uses the LANSA eBiz Accelerator that provides school staff, teachers, students and parents with access to information on the web. This solution was developed to solve the problem of a fragmented information technology approach that the schools are struggling with. The uniform shop and library could be using different systems and there could be three versions of a student database leading to duplication of information and inconsistent of data. Because the systems are not integrated, users can't share data. Schools also faced problems with client maintenance. Therefore, Sundata was introduced to Neller, another LANSA business partner. While evolving the Preceda Payroll solution, Neller created a template-based web development tool called LANSA eBiz Accelerator. This solution extends LANSA for the internet and uses XML technology. This provided a bandwidth comparable to the green screen. Sundata was convinced because of the Windows style look and feel of the solution. With this LANSA solution, Sundata was able to increase their software development productivity. The new programmers could also provide three to four screen programs per day. Sundata was able to develop and implement Quad in a short span of eight months, which was ahead of schedule.